Pipe Bursting – Trenchless Sewer Repair

Replaces your old pipe with new pipe without major digging!

Pipe bursting technology pulls a powerful head device through a damaged sewer lateral pipe, shattering it and pushing the broken up pieces out into the soil. At the same time, a new polyethylene pipe is pulled in place behind this head device. The end result is a new pipe in place where the old pipe had been.

This trenchless sewer repair method is ideal for replacing deteriorating pipes or long stretches of damaged pipeline.


  1. Video camera inspection identifies the nature of the problem; pipe bursting is determined to be the best repair option.
  2. A small access hole is dug at each end of the pipe being replaced to provide access to the pipe.
  3. A cable is fed through the section of pipe to be replaced.
  4. The heavy duty breaking head is then inserted at one end of the damaged old pipe and winched through, breaking it up.
  5. At the same time, a new pipe is pulled in behind the old pipe.
  6. The new pipe is connected to the existing pipes at each end—and you have a new pipeline!
  7. The access holes are filled.