Sewer Repair Done Right

The latest technologies and repair methods let you select the solution that best meets your needs.

Roots are the primary cause of broken sewer pipes in older property. Roots can literally destroy pipes in older sewer systems. The photo to the right, shows just one example of damage from roots

The first step in the sewer lateral line repair process is to do a camera inspection of the pipe to identify the exact nature and location of the problem. We then explain the options available to you and give you our recommendations. The three primary repair options are:

1. Pipe Lining – The latest innovation in pipe repair. This actually molds a new pipe right inside your old pipe without digging trenches. This is a great option when the problem is under patios, driveways, street or other areas difficult to dig.

2. Pipe Bursting – Also a trenchless option. This replaces your old damaged pipes by winching through a device that breaks up the old pipe while pulling a new pipe in behind it. No major digging is required. This makes a great option for long stretches of pipe or when existing pipe is too deteriorated to be used as a host for pipe lining.

3. Excavation – Traditional dig and repair method. There are two basic types: 1) Spot Repair: a small dig that often provides the best option when the problem area is easily accessible, confined to one spot, and the remainder of the pipe is in good condition; 2) Open Cut: a trench is dug to replace a stretch of damaged pipe when circumstances won’t allow trenchless pipe lining or pipe bursting methods.